Auto & 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys


When an auto accident occurs, do not give an insurance adjuster a statement. Call an attorney immediately to protect your rights. Blake Jones Law Firm L.L.C. has dealt with all of the major insurance companies in Louisiana for many years. We have the expertise and experience to obtain maximum recovery for your injury. Call us to schedule an appointment at no charge. 1-888-525-4361


It is important that you get immediate medical treatment by the right doctors. We have relationships with doctors throughout the state who give auto accident victims the proper level of treatment they deserve. At our office, you will get the treatment you deserve and will never have to pay out of your pocket for medical expenses. Call us today toll free 1-888-525-4361 for an appointment to begin your healing process.


Many insurance companies and some attorneys offer a quick settlement before you have treated or finished treating your injury. We do not recommend this. After you have finished your medical treatment we evaluate the claim and settle the claim for what it is worth. We always get our clients maximum dollar recovery for their injury.


Some attorneys refuse to file suit and either short settle or refer the case to a trial attorney. Our firm files suit if the insurance company refuses to cooperate. We have an experienced trial staff of attorneys and paralegals who have tried hundreds of cases. Our success at the trial level is well known in the legal industry.


Commercial vehicle accidents are often serious accidents and require special medical attention and experienced legal and expert support. We represent many victims of Commercial Vehicle accidents. Our staff has specialized training by nationally recognized experts and years of experience with these types of accidents. Call us to be sure you get the proper medical treatment and maximum Recovery.

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